Solar Mission Philippines
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Spreading The Light To A Gateway Of Asia

A Major Nation And A Strategic Gate Way To Asia

With over 7,000 islands and a growing population of 104 million, the Philippines is a major nation and strategic gateway to Asia. Many Filipinos work in China, other Asian nations, and even middle eastern countries, where they have influential positions. 

A Key Role And Time For The Solar Player

The Lord's Church has been in the Philippines for many years due to previous and current mission efforts. Today there are an estimated 800 congregations. Filipino Christians are ready to further evangelize their country and spark another period of growth for the Church, but they need resources to overcome some challenges.

Many churches in the Philippines have either part-time preachers or none at all. The solar player can provide entire groups of churches and classes with in-depth teaching. Also, many areas in the Philippines are remote and hard to reach. The solar player was made for such a time and place as this.

The Solar Player

Solar Player

In 2014 Sunset began a major multi-continent effort using hand-held solar-powered audio players to reach the world with the Gospel. The Solar Event continues to spread the Word to the rest of the world. The Solar Player contains over 400 hours of Bible and Bible Training.

The Plan

The plan for Solar Mission Philippines is to cover that nation with the Word of God by distributing 2,000 English language solar players in the Philippines by the end of 2018. They will be provided to all of the congregations in the country, to various ministry efforts, and to church leaders and evangelists who will plant and strengthen churches and mature the brethren.

A nationwide effort to secure the needed funding began January 24th and will go through December 31, 2018. Thousands of congregations and individuals will be asked to support this effort.

Through the generosity of an anonymous donor, gifts to Sunset International Bible Institute will be matched dollar for dollar. Gifts to the Solar Mission qualify for this match.

Call Sunset at 800-658-9553 to get more information about the Solar Player for the Philippines or visit their website at