Silbano Garcia, II.
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Silbano Garcia, II. serves as an evangelist for the churches of Christ, and is the founder of Internet Ministries.  On May 1, 1995 he was instrumental in deploying the first Internet Gateway for the churches of Christ worldwide known as The Lord has used him in establishing five congregations, and he has baptized 1,419 souls into the body of Jesus Christ. Brother Garcia has become known as an Internet Evangelist and pioneer in the field of Internet Evangelism. He has been instrumental in assisting hundreds of congregations in using the Internet as a vehicle for the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His online efforts have been noticed by all major denominational groups including the secular world.

Brother Garcia is an enthusiastic Christian who is dynamic in his sermons and presentations.  His positive approach to World Evangelism is contagious, and you will be encouraged by this servant of Christ.  God has blessed Brother Garcia with the gift of winning people over to the body of Jesus Christ.  He has traveled to numerous parts of the world in an effort to promote the Gospel of Christ and World Evangelism among the churches.  Brother Garcia continues to serve as an evangelist who's only interest is to build up the body of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

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