Our Team of Servants
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We are dedicated and passionate about serving the family of God and all who seek the Lord. Internet Ministries was created to encourage and equip the saints for ministry in winning lost souls for Christ.

"Always know that God is within your reach!"
- Silbano Garcia, II.

Olga and I are excited about the future for the churches of Christ. Thousands of people have come to Christ over the twenty six years that we've been online to the world. Each and everyday more and more people are searching for the truth about the Word of God and the Lord's church. We pledge to do our utmost in serving the Lord and the family of God. Everyone is precious before the Lord, and we want to share the gospel of Christ with everyone. It is our prayer that you will draw closer to God as you grow in the knowledge of God's Word and in the fullness and stature of Christ.

With God's help we will do our best to provide you the tools and knowledge needed in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone in your part of the world. Stay strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Jesus loves you!

Silbano Garcia, II.
Internet Ministries


Hammond Burke joined Internet Ministries in 2015 in a combined effort to promote global evangelism via the Internet. For over twelve years he has been assisting many congregations with their technologies needs. He has pioneered the way for live streaming video among the churches of Christ in Dallas, Texas. Hammond Burke and Silbano Garcia II have been working together to redevelop and improve Internet Ministries online infrastructure.

"These two ministries have come together to provide churches of Christ with the latest in web and streaming media technology. I am very excited about the days and years to come as we set out to help churches of Christ spread the gospel using broadcast and web technology. It is our goal to establish standards and processes that will allow church staff to focus on ministry using our tools as magnifiers of their purpose." - Hammond Burke

Michael Clark has served Internet Ministries as a computer technologies consultant since 1997. Brother Michael has acquired over twenty-three years experience in the field of computer technologies. Michael has worked as a Systems Analyst for Sprint, as a Senior Consultant to Winward IT Solutions, as a Systems Administrator for Verizon, and has served as a Network Engineer.

Over the years Michael has served us well. In 1997 he was instrumental in introducing us to the Microsoft Windows NT Operating System and later with the Microsoft Enterprise Server Operating System. Back then we decided to move from the Unix Operating System to Microsoft Windows NT servers. Today we have returned to the Unix world in order to save on costs of operation. We can rely on Michael's strengths in IT Solutions and Network Engineering skills.

Internet Ministries is blessed to have him as a computer technologies consultant.

Olga Garcia plays a vital role in the daily operations of Internet Ministries. She serves as secretary for Internet Ministries. We receive hundreds of emails on a daily basis, and Olga helps us answer emails from women and young ladies worldwide. Sister Olga is currently learning to work with a number of new web development technologies that will benefit Internet Ministries and the churches of Christ online. We are truly blessed to have her on our team.

"Internet Ministries is an excellent vehicle for reaching out to the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. I want to do all that I can to serve the Lord and His kingdom. God is awesome!" - Olga Garcia