Help: How to Update an Existing Church Profile
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To update an existing church profile, follow these directions:

If you have an active registration

  1. Log in to the website using your account credentials.
  2. In the Search field, enter your congregation name. If the results show a lot of churches that do not contain your church name, click "All Words" in the Search criteria.
  3. Click the title of your congregation to take you to the church profile page.
  4. At the top of the profile (if you are logged in), you will see an Edit button. Hover over the Edit button and click Update User Profile.
  5. Select any tab to make changes.
  6. Once changes are complete, click the Update button at the bottom of the form.

If you do not have an active registration but your church is on our directory

  1. Go to the Directories link in the main menu at the top of the page.
  2. Click Update an Existing Church Profile.
  3. Fill out the form.
  4. After submitting the form, you will be taken to a payment page. A payment of $29 is required to make updates to your church profile.
  5. Once your registration has been received and approved, you will receive an email with your new username and password. 
  6. Once you receive your username and password, you may log in to the website and follow the instructions under "If you have an active registration.

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