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New congregations of the churches of Christ


United States of America:

  Burley church of Christ, Burley, Idaho
     January 28, 2007

  Desert Wells church of Christ, Desert Wells, Arizona
     January 2007

  Grant County Church of Christ , Dry Ridge, Kentucky
     April 1, 2007

  Montgomery church of Christ, Montgomery, Texas
     April 6, 2007

  Downey church of Christ, Downey, Idaho
     May 13, 2007

  Middle Fayette church of Christ, Fayetteville, Georgia
     May 2007

  Southern Heights church of Christ, Miami, Florida
     August 2007

  Church of Christ at Port Orange , Port Orange, Florida
     November 11, 2007

  Seymour Church of Christ , Seymour, Tennessee
     January 3, 2008

  Kimberly Church of Christ , Kimberly, Idaho
     March 2, 2008



  Church of Christ, Heraklio, Crete
     March 2007


If your congregation is new or you know of one that was established in 2007 let us know and we will add it to our list of new churches.  We will need the church name, web site address, city and state, and date established.  

Keep up the good work that you are doing in winning lost souls to Christ as you build up the saints to love and good works.


For more information contact:  garcia@church-of-christ.org

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