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Oyo State

Missions Catalog of the Churches of Christ

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Truth Preaching School
P.O. Box 4063
U.I. Post Office 200005
Ibadan, Oyo State 234 Nigeria
Telephone Number: 234-02-8101835
E-mail Address: tps@nigmail.com
Total Membership: 17
Date Established: June 9 1991

Times of Worship and Bible Study:
Sunday Morning Bible Study: 9:00 Sunday Morning Worship: 9:00
Sunday Evening Worship: 4:30
Wednesday Night Bible Study: Thursdays: 6:30
Ladies Bible Class: Tuesdays: 6:00 p.m.

This congregation has:

  • Elders
  • Deacons
  • A full time Preacher
  • Associate Minister
  • A full time Youth Minister
  • An active Evangelism Program

This congregation is active in the following ministries:
  • Youth Ministry
  • Radio Ministry
  • Television Ministry
  • University Campus Ministry

Name of Preacher/Evangelist: N. U. Abire
Name of Missionary: Truth Preaching School
Name of Associate Missionary: Preacher's College
Name of Associate Preacher/Evangelist: Faloudiarh Ogunotobriseeh
Name of Youth Minister: Felix Solotan

List of Accomplishments:
Conversion Via Media Door To Door Evangelism (Yielding To Tens of Baptism) Effective Campuses Preaching (Yielding To Scanty Conversion) Edificatin Of The Local Church Media Debate With Denominational Churches The Establishment Of New Congregation

Future Goals:
To Possibly Carry The Truth To All The campuses In The Country To Engage In Outdoor And Media Evangelism Never To Neglect The Responsibilities Of THE Church Mass Conversion In The Soonest Possible time ETC

Current Needs:
Materials Support Such As: -Bibles -Bible Literature Books -Hymn Books For Both The Formal Congregation and The Newly Established One Financial Asistance In The Following Areas: -Preachers' Support -Benevolence Preaching Equipments Etc.

Sponsoring Congregation:
Ajeigbe Church of Christ
P.O. Box 14387
U. I. Post office 200005
Oyo State
E-mail Address: churchofchristajeigbe@nigmail.com
Total Number of Members: 151

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