We Welcome Your Assistance

Presently we are in need of sermon outlines and bible study materials for adults, teens, and children. We are also in need of bible correspondence courses. If you could provide us with these types of materials we would be honored. The materials will need to be placed in an ASCII Text format, and each file would then need to be e-mailed to us.

The Lord's church worldwide will benefit tremendously. This is a free service to the brotherhood. Congregations and individual members that cannot afford to purchase bible related materials will now be able to retrieve these materials at no cost though the Churches of Christ World Wide Web Home Page.

This is a great opportunity for every christian to get involved with the spreading of the gospel. It can be done in the privacy of one's home. Presently there are over 40 million Internet users worldwide, and the number is growing by over 1 million new users per month. The Internet is an excellent vehicle to use for winning souls to Christ.

May the Lord keep you, and bless you richly.

We look forward to hearing from you.
Please direct your comments to: garcia@church-of-christ.org

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