Russian Bible - KOI8-R Help Page

These Russian language pages are written using KOI8-RCyrillic fonts. The following intruction may help you to view the pages in the Russian language.

For Netscape Navigator version 3

1.Go to the Options menu and select General Preferences,
2.Select Fonts,
3.Choose the list item "KOI8-R",
4.Set a PROPORTIONALLY spaced KOI8 font
(e.g. ER Univers KOI8 or ER Bukinist KOI8), and
5.( optional - not necessary if proportional font is working ) Set a FIXED spaced KOI8 font (e.g. ER Kurier KOI8).
6.The Russian pages, including the Russian Bible, will automatically turn on the KOI8 fonts you have chosen.
7.For pages on other sites that do not have this feature, you can use "Document Encoding" (again under the Options menu) to turn the "KOI8-R" fonts on or off manually.
You may initially have to change from Western Latin 1setting to KOI8-R the first time but once your netscape browser has recognized the KOI8-R font you can return the setting to Western Latin 1and leave the font to the KOI8-R font you installed. You will still be able to view english web pages and the Russian web pages that automatically activate the KOI8-R fonts.

Version 2 of Netscape Navigator From the Netscape Options Menu Choose 'General Preferences' and then choose Fonts. After installing a "KOI8-R" font using the control panel to your computer which you wish to use select it under the Fixed Font window.

Here are some others ways to solve the problem: Follow the steps for Netscape 3 (see above) except for step 3. You must install your KOI8 fonts in "Western / Latin1".

For Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 or higher.

1. You still need to install KOI8-R fonts to your Windows system files as you would any new font. 2. Go to your 'View' menu.
3. Select Options which will bring up the General tab page.
4. Select Font Settings at the bottom right side of the page.
5. Select the KOI8-R font and press the OK button to close.

If you have a Mac Intosh operating system computer you can obtain Mac Help here. You can also obtain free KOI8-R font sets for Mac operating system computers here.
Or here as well: Mac and Windows fonts here.

If you don't have KOI8 fonts installed on your Windows computer, here are some places where you may be able to get them free:Windows Help to russify your computer.
Or here also: Windows fonts here.

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