The Rosemont Church of Christ has existed at the same address in south Fort Worth since 1952. Shortly after World War II, population growth demanded that a new church be established to serve the needs of the growing Rosemont community. Several families from the old Prince Street & Central Chuches of Christ built the first facility at 4041 Ryan Avenue. The first worship service was conducted on Sunday October 5, 1952, with R.L. Roberts preaching.

Brother Roberts, Rosemont's first minister, was followed in 1954 by Thomas L. Campbell who served until 1958. Jack Nadeau served as minister until returning with his family to the mission field in Germany. Charles B. Hodge Jr. began preaching at Rosemont in 1960 and served as our minister for 22 years. In 1982, John L. Tabor began preaching and served through 2001.

Our present evangelists are James A. Horton and Bill Coffin.


4041 Ryan Avenue · Fort Worth, TX 76110
Phone# (817) 926-8481 · E-Mail: