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Cambodia Directory of the churches of Christ

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With your personal assistance, we will be able to have all of the churches of Christ in Cambodia listed in our directory. Please feel free to list the names and addresses of the churches of Christ in your area.

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Koh Dach church of Christ
Koh Dach (an island in the Mekong River), Cambodia Cambodia
E-mail Address: godsfriend77@hotmail.com
Web Site Address: http://www.MyWorldConnections.com
Total Membership: about 100
Times of Worship and Bible Study:
Sunday Morning Bible Study: yes Sunday Morning Worship: yes
We have:

Our congregation is active in the following ministries:

Name of Preacher/Evangelist: Phally

Additional Information:
Koh Dach was established in July 2001 and meets in Phally's home on an Island in the Mekong near Khampong Cham. It has had a high attendance of 260, but normally runs about 100. It has produced a sister congregation at Tone Lay Butt (Began in April 2004) that has an attendance of about 25. Phally also preaches for this congregation that meets in a home on the East side of Khampong Cham.

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